Crime Scene Cleaners

Company Spotlight

Crime Scene Cleaners (CSC) is based in the Kansas City Metro.
CSC has been serving the entire States of Missouri and Kansas since 1999, giving the most compassionate care to families during a time of great need after a suicide, homicide, unattended death, or an accident.
We also provide cleaning and remediation services for hoarding, tear gas, illicit drug decontamination, drug testing, and disinfection services. We remediate more vehicles than anyone in the Midwest.
Did you know insurance typically covers the cleanup and reconstruction after a tragic situation? We can help families with all the information needed to help with their claims.

Please know companies out there will take advantage of families by charging unreasonable service prices. Please take some time to research ANY company you are willing to use.
CSC takes pride in helping our communities. We believe no one should be victimized twice.
Choose the Midwest's oldest and largest crime and trauma cleaning company, CRIME SCENE CLEANERS, LLC.